Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Rainy days bring a bigger challenge to keep active kids entertained. Overcast skies always bring out a sense of restlessness in my crew.  With four kids in a five room house (3 bedrooms, 1 great room, 1 kitchen), we can get on each others nerves a bit if we're cooped up inside too long.  It's easy to sit and watch TV or play video games, but since we're a one TV household and our programming is limited to an antenna and Netflix live streaming (only $8/month) we are limited there too, however we are commercial free.  Commercial free is a great thing with kids.  They aren't influenced by advertising and can decide for themselves what they think is cool, instead of being seduced by the latest advertising gimmick.  They are often less materialistic as a result.  Not always, but often.  Now that I've strayed completely off topic and I choose not to edit the previous off topic bit, back to rainy days.  I love them, but my kids do not like storms of any kind.  Rain and bugs send them into a complete tizzy. 

  Turn on a single lamp or light a candle in a darkened room and create shadow puppets.  click here for shadow puppet directions   

Another indoor option is Kid's Bowl Free - yes, they really do!  click here for details We love this program - it's mainly through the summer though.  Kids bowl free, our bowling alley charges for shoe rental or the kids can bowl in their socks.  They have a plan to add parents on too and it's very reasonable.  One of our local bowling alleys gives the kids a coupon for a free game for every A or B on their report card.  

Check with your local YMCA and if you aren't a member see if they offer a free trial membership.  Wait until there's plenty of rain on the forecast and head in for a fun place to stay dry. 

Have an indoor picnic.  Spread out a blanket and fix sandwiches and finger foods.  

Build a fort with a card table and some sheets or blankets.  Sit in the fort with them and read books together.  

Bake and decorate cookies.   

Host a Twister party.  If you seen rain on the forecast throw an impromptu Twister party.  If you don't have the game on hand, make your own using a white sheet.  Write the colors and which hand/foot on slips of paper and draw them out of a jar, putting them back each time.  Serve polka dot foods such as pepperoni pizza, M&M cookies, round crackers with ring bologna or smoked sausage, etc.  Add frozen berries to lemonade for a polka dot drink.